Questions and Answers from Genesis

God’s Forgotten Holy Land

A View of Present Day Turkey

Lineage of the King of Kings

Full Genealogy of Bible Characters

A Study of the Book of Revelation

Days to Come

Our Books Our Book List!

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Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles

A View of the Apostle Paul

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Where is Israel Today?

The Thirteenth Tribe of Israel

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The Spirit World

Teachings of Everlasting Life

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Simple Truths for Teens and the Gospel of John.

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People of the Book, Are You Listening ?

A View of the Holy Quran

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Key to Yourself

From secular to a spiritual viewpoint

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Change, In the Hands of the Potter

How do we start a change in Life?

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Rest Assured

Building Faith by Knowing Truth

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All books are set up for 8 ½ X 11 pages in Adobe PDF files. For best results you should print the books  in color, because of the blue used for Biblical text.


The Life of Christ

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A Summary of Thirty-Five Years of

Searching for Truth.

From Disobedience to Self Oppression

Rev. D Williams’ Book on the Results of Disobedience. Presented to Delvert’s people by VisionQuest.

Abundant Life - General Information Statement!

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