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Our Books

Marching to Hell by Our Own Choice!  With mankind’s continued rebellion against God and the emphasis being made on The Great Reset ideology, we really are marching to hell by our own choice. This work starts out as a partial review of my life and how I messed up more than once. By God’s grace He led me to places, showed me His wonders and gave me the knowledge of the covenant between God and the United States. He also showed me the words He gave to George Washington to address the nation in his inaugural address. Finally, He showed me the words of Washington’s farewell address. So much truth that this nation is now trying to destroy and make a left hand turn toward Socialism. It’s all part of the Antichrist’s plan to take over the world. Sadly, much of mankind doesn’t see God’s warnings and continues to disobey God’s rules and standards. It is time to wake up and repent of our misguided ways.