Our Booklets

The 17 Things God Wants You to Know and to Honor!

An in depth look at the Ten Commandments and information for all seven of God’s ordained feast days.

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Our Great Journey-Summer 2016

Our summer vacation and the ways God showed us more of His creation and our stewardship of His Earth.

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All books are set up for 8 ½ X 11 pages in Adobe PDF files. For best results you should print the books  in color, because of the blue used for Biblical text.


Information for today - September 2020

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A Matter of Faith

A view of the Covid-19 situation and healing by faith. A different, unmandated, viewpoint!

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A view of how Satan has deceived the body of Christ into believing a lie. We have all been lied to and deceived.

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God’s Word Shall Stand!

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Israel is the reason we need to understand end time prophecy!

I Believe

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Some of the things I believe about God, life, and the future!

The Time Is Now!

Are you prepared for what is coming on God’s prophetic clock?

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Left Turn

A conservative view of the abortion issue, same sex marriage and a warning!

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