Choice It is now September 2020 and so much is happening around the world. Israel just signed a new peace treaty with the countries of UAE and Bahrain.

We are still in the world wide pandemic of Covid-19 and this virus is now in its ninth month of devastating the entire earth. No country is outside of this virus’ sphere of spread, illness and death.

We are less than 45 days from our next election and there is such a division of unity in the United States that no citizen knows what the outcome of this election shall be.

This 20 page booklet will address some of the choices we as Americans must make on a personal and individual basis. After several questions concerning the rioting and looting that is running rampant there is a discussion and teaching on the forthcoming battles that the earth will face between today and the end of the thousand year reign of Jesus Christ.

There is a choice that you must make. Choose wisely!

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