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God’s Full Circle In this work, we begin with God’s creation and observe the influence that Satan has introduced through pagan religions to mankind. We study the downfall of the house of Israel and the house of Judah causing both houses to be exiled. The house of Judah was able to return to their homeland after 70 years, however, the house of Israel is still scattered to this date.

 We also viewed the truth concerning the birth and death of Yeshua (Jesus). Yeshua was not born on the 25th day of December and He really did spend three full days and three full nights in the tomb as He stated He would fulfill.

Finally, we brought the circle back to the beginning with the return of the pagan gods of Baal, Ishtar and Molech. It appears that mankind now believes that they can do as they choose. I fully believe God will have the last word on their actions. Read this book to understand why!

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