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Bonus: The Great Event, April 8, 2024

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By the Blood! A Word Study

This is a word study through the Bible looking for text on the power of the blood. Blood is the life force within all created life. Without blood you are dead.

Why did Jesus (Yeshua) come to earth in the form of a man? He could not come as a spirit because spirits do not have blood and they cannot die. Jesus could not have an earthly father because that blood would have a sinful nature. It was only through the influence of the Holy Spirit that Mary could be the mother of the Christ child. Only a pure, unblemished and sinless body could pay the price of atonement for all the sins of mankind through all the ages past, present and future. It is by the blood of Jesus that our sins have been forgiven. However, we also need to follow the commandments and the feasts established by God and be obedient to those rules and feasts. Anything less is backsliding and takes away the blessings of your free gift from God!

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