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A Message From A Watchman

In our latest book, we look at several things that are happening today. We know that the Israeli/Gaza war is now in its eighth month of operations. The world began in October 2023 supporting Israel. Today we have a much different world situation. South Africa has gone to the ICC to file charges of genocide against Israel. ICC prosecutors are now prepared to issue arrest warrants against the Israeli Prime Minister and the Defence Minister. Something is wrong. Students on many college campuses are chanting anti-Semitic slogans and can’t even tell you the river they are yelling about!

All these things are rebellion against God and prior to the wrath to come a warning needs to be spoken. As a watchman, I have gone through the Bible to find God’s warnings of what He will do if mankind does not repent and change their ways. If you are a Christian, you need to read this book. If you are not a Christian, you really, really need to look at things happening at this moment in time to see if you need to consider your life and the facts of eternity! The choice is yours! Choose wisely!   

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