The Book of Daniel - Visions Then and Now!

Many of the prophecies of the Bible seem to have a duality that is presented. There is one statement that pertains to the time of the writing and another part of the same statement that concerns the End Times. The book of  Daniel is set up that way. He interprets the visions of various kings and also has his own dreams that he doesn’t understand. The angel Gabriel is sent to explain the dreams of  Daniel. Then he is told to seal up the book because his dreams are meant for the end of time!

Because of the connection between the book of Daniel’s end time prophecies and those in the Revelation, I have also included information on the Rapture, the Antichrist, False Teachers, the Great Tribulation and the spirit of  Babylon.

This book gives the reader more information pertaining to the end times!

I believe we have entered the end times with this current war between Israel and Gaza!

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