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Ezekiel and The WHO

As one of the four major Prophets of the Bible, it just seemed right that I undertook a study of this book to really see what God had to say.

This book has to do with the exile of the house of Judah in Babylon. While at the same time reminding the house of Israel that there was a reason they were in exile with the Assyrians. They were travelling along with the Assyrians as they moved across the present continent of Europe. God had scattered them for their disobedience to His rules and feasts. We also learn of the prophecies that affect the earth in the latter days before the wrath of God.

Along with these points we also find answers to part of the riddle presented by Jeremiah.

An interesting work to assist many New Testament believers in understanding some of the things that are happening in today’s society.

Read and learn with the journey through the pages of this book.