Christian Primer for 2016

With the Presidential election coming up in November Americans should take a step back and review a few things while we are going through the primary process. There are several things every American needs to remember.

We should all remember who we are as a nation.

We should all pray and ask for forgiveness as we look at the biases that we all seem to have.

We should review some facts in the Bible concerning  the Ten Commandments and other details as well.

We should all look at some of the issues being discussed by politicians.

These things and others are noted in a 15 page booklet reviewing some of the items mentioned here. Remember all the books from VisionQuest Publishing, Inc. are copyrighted and free for your downloading. Take just a few minutes and review some of the issues that you may want to think about before the election this fall.

By all means pray for this nation and ask God for guidance as you prepare to vote.


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